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Guided by the experience and knowledge of your captain, you will be taken to an area out of Provincetown, MA., off the waters of Cape Cod, that he has determined to be the most likely for seeing whales.

Trip times can vary, as there is no particular time of the day that whales are more likely to be seen or to be active.  We typically schedule a morning, afternoon, and a sunset trip on a daily basis.

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Brand new to our options this summer, is a Public/Split Charter Whale watch.  For those of you going out just by yourselves or one or 2 friends, we realize that the price of chartering the whole boat can be too much.  So we are now, on select dates only offering per person rates on split charters for whale watching.

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A typical trip will last about 3 1/2 to 4 hours, but occasionally time may need to be added, at no extra charge, to get better views of the whales; sometimes it can take over an hour to find them. We work together with other whale watching boats and share our sightings.  This, along with the known location of the whales from our previous trip, gives us a good idea of where to start our search.  We use no special electronic device to locate whales.  We do have GPS, which gives us our location, but the naked eye, aided at times by a pair of binoculars, is the best tool for locating whales.

Once we find an area with whales we will try to get a look at as many as possible and spend extra time with the more active ones.  However, we keep in mind that this is a very special habitat and we do not want to invade the whales’ space, so our captains will operate with extreme caution and do everything in their ability to give you the best possible viewing without disturbing them.  You, as the passenger, can feel free at anytime to ask the captain to try to view a specific whale in the area. If he feels it is safe, he always will try to meet your request; the boat is essentially yours for the duration of your trip.

SeaSalt Charters‘ captains have unmatched experience working with whales. Their understanding of whale behavior cannot be taught in a book. Combined with this unique knowledge, they have gathered scientific knowledge while working side by side with marine biologists for many years on the larger whale watch boats.  In addition to the captains, we will make every effort to provide a whale scientist or enthusiast on board, if that is something you are interested in, at no extra charge.  They will assist in taking photographs, data, and acting as a guide to this the marine habitat.  You may have specific questions about what you are seeing or not seeing, and these folks have formal education in marine biology.  Science is something we take seriously at SeaSalt Charters, as it has taught us many invaluable facts about whales, their environment, and ourselves over the brief time we have been watching them.  However, we do respect the fact that you also may want to come out solely to enjoy the scenery and sightings.  Either way, we will personalize your whale watch to meet your interests.

SeaSalt Charters is now offering split charter/public whale watches.  They will be on the same boat and we will still be limited to a maximum of 6 people.  For more information please go to our Whale Watch Split Charter page.



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