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Private Whale Watch in Provincetown, Cape Cod

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Welcome to SeaSalt Charters, the latest Cape Cod seagoing adventure with the Avellar family, founders of the Dolphin Fleet and Whale Watching on Cape Cod, New England, and the entire East Coast.  We are proud to announce we will continue to take out trips for the upcoming season of 2018, officially starting on Friday May 4, offering private whale watching and fishing chartersSeaSalt Charters operates off of the Dolphin Fleet dock in Provincetown, MA, in Cape Cod.


(Back, after popular demand the last 2 summers, we will still be offering Split Charter or SHARED Whale Watches, the maximum number of guests will still be 6.  However, for those of you with only 1, 2, or 3 people in your group you can now share the boat with another group, making it much more affordable.)  Private Whale watches are still our number one seller, and are still available for 1 to 6 people.

Split Charter Whale Watch/Public Trip in Provincetown, Cape Cod


SeaSalt Charters provides a unique opportunity to explore the whales’ feeding and nursing grounds of Stellwagen Bank(just a few miles north of Provincetown, MA., Cape Cod) on a private, comfortable boat with just you, your family, and friends.  Operated by some of the most experienced, licensed whale watch Captains in the world, you are assured of a memorable and meaningful experience.  With thousands of whale watch trips and dozens of years of experience under their belts, our seasoned Captains know where to find the most active whales whether they are spy-hopping, flipper-flapping, surface feeding, tail-lobbing, babysitting their calves–or if you’re lucky- –BREACHING!

In addition to having an exhilarating Cape Cod experience, on a smaller private boat, you are likely to find yourself at eye level with these gentle giants.  Whether you are planning on seeing the magnificent, endangered Humpback whales of Cape Cod this summer, hoping to catch a giant striped bass, or if your not quite sure how to top off your New England vacation things-to-do-list, treat yourself to an extra special experience, come out with SeaSalt Charters.


SeaSalt Charters adheres to NOAA Northeast whale watching guidelines and is an active participant to the whale sense program. Visit the whale sense web site to learn about responsible whale watching and the whale sense program.


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Split Charter Whale Watch/Public Trip

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