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All of our whale watch captains at SeaSalt Charters have at least a, United States Coast Guard issued, 100 ton Masters license, as they have all been taking out passengers on the bigger whale watch boats for many years.  They have grown up on the ocean, and have not only been fortunate to experience a special kind of life, but they have also learned a great respect for the marine environment.  Safety for passengers and vessel always comes first, followed by care for the ocean and the abundance of creatures that inhabit it.  The waters surrounding Cape Cod can be very pleasant, but it is the ocean, and at any time it is capable of becoming very violent.  Our whale watch captains know and respect this and take great pride in their ability to give you the safest and most comfortable ride.

Captain Chad Avellar

Capt. Avellar, son of Aaron Avellar and grandson of Al Avellar, was practically raised on whale watch boats.  With his father at the wheel and his mother cooking in the galley, as a young boy Chad would spend many summer days on the boats.  When old enough he became a dock boy, eventually becoming a member of the galley back on the boats, and after a couple of years he was moved up to first mate and whale spotter. At age 21, Chad acquired his Captains license, and after piloting small boats for a couple years, out of Provincetown, his father promoted him to Dolphin Fleet captain.

Like his father, Chad has a great eye and appreciation for individual whales.  Since being promoted to captain many years ago Chad has harnessed his ability to recognize individuals into orchestrating a trip based on what kind of reaction he anticipates getting from particular whales.  Chad and his families’ story, and how it relates to Salt and the other Whales of Cape Cod, will be told in a children’s book, due to be released soon by accomplished author, Richard Sobol.  The name of the book will be A Whale Named Salt.

Since he was a child, Chad has also been obsessed with catching fish, and has spent the last 5 years fishing commercially for Striped Bass. Profits from fishing have helped him buy the Kupala, but more importantly he has learned invaluable lessons on how to maximize his catch. He has often said his favorite aspect of fishing is the chase and finding the fish. He has always loved to bring friends with him and let them perform all the duties of hook setting and reeling the fish in.

Chad is now a licensed Chief mate working on big ships in the merchant marines, and has increased his knowledge of navigation and all other duties of shipping.  Yet his real passion remains with smaller boats and is always looking forward to having a new experience every time he ventures out.

Captain Jeremy Meads

Capt. Meads has often been said to be able to think like a fish. The son of a local dragger fisherman, Jeremy has been on the decks of fishing vessels since being a young child.  As a young boy he was already supplying fish to local restaurants.  At 16 Jeremy was hired as first mate on the Dolphin Fleet and immediately his understanding of the ocean environment showed, often being able to predict where the whales would surface before anyone else.  This proved to be a valuable asset, and a few years later Jeremy was promoted to captain.

Jeremy is now a licensed Captain of unlimited tonnage in the merchant marines and has had the highest level of maritime training. He is trusted with the most important of duties on large tankers.  Yet he still finds his way back to the waters of Cape Cod every summer, where he has a reputation for being very generous with his knowledge and experience while entertaining people on the water.  On a day when it seems like nothing is happening on the water, Jeremy always seems to have a boat full of bent rods and smiles. As well as always seeming to know how to find fish and whales, Jeremy also is a specialist and enthusiast in light tackle fishing, particularly for Striped Bass and Blue Fin Tuna.

Captain Mark Dalomba

Captain Dalomba is very likely one of the most experienced whale watch captains in the world.  Having spent all of his youth with his father fishing and teen years whale watching, he was already primed to be a captain at an early age.  So it was no surprise that he was already taking people out on the bigger boats when in he was still attending Provincetown High School.

Captain Dalomba has a unique ability to be able to recognize not only the species of whales from far away, but also which whales are most likely to make for an exciting encounter.  He also has a finely honed talent to keep track of all the individuals in the field seemingly without effort. These traits have come due to the thousand of trips Mark has under his belt. Captain Mark’s reputation amongst other New England whale watch captains is at the top of the list.


Captain Jesse Cartwright

Jesse is the newest addition to Seasalt Charters’ list of whale watch captains.  Jesse is another local young man, with an endless list of nautical experience.  Though Jesse has spent sometime fishing, his field of expertise is with the Whales.  Jesse has been hands on with Whales and boats since High School, starting in the Galley and then first mate with the Dolphin Fleet.

Jesse then went on to get a degree in Marine biology from the University of New Hampshire, while continuing to come back in the summers and work on local boats.

Jesse started working for SeaSalt Charters as a Naturalist some years ago, but when it became clear that he had boat handling skills he was put into training to join the other Whale Watch Captains.  After a year of training he was offered a chance to take out the boat on his own and has not disappointed.

Jesse is now Captain Chad’s right hand man running the show in the off season and working a regular schedule in the summer months as well.  Jesse has become popular with the passengers for his appreciation of the Ocean, his good sense of Humor, and his well rounded knowledge of the Whales and how to operate the boat around them.

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