Private Whale Watching 21 Csomments

Posted On : 07 Jun 2012

Check in here to get the latest on private Whale Watching with SeaSalt Charters out of Provincetown, MA., in Cape Cod.

admin Says

Commented On : 12 Jul 2015

The humpback whales are back again. The last few days have brought us some of the best sightings ever!! About 30 humpbacks all open mouth feeding at the surface!! It's been leaving our passengers speechless!!

admin Says

Commented On : 03 Jul 2015

Due to popular demand, we are adding public whale watches to our daily afternoon schedule for July!!

admin Says

Commented On : 03 Jul 2015

The Humpbacks are back!! We have been seeing an average of 15 different Humpbacks on every trip in the last few days. Lots of feeding!!! yay

tobey parker Says

Commented On : 31 Jul 2014

looking to share trip with anyone during aug 2-7 if anyone is going out please let us know

Michelle Says

Commented On : 26 Jul 2014

two of us are looking to team up with 4 others for a morning whale watch trip on Tuesday 26th August.

Team up on a private Whale Watch out of Provincetown, Cape Cod 111 Csomments

Posted On : 08 May 2012

If you are dreaming of doing a private Whale Watch with SeaSalt Charters out of Provincetown, MA., in Cape cod, but your vacation budget won’t quite cut it, consider teaming up with a couple other folks who are “in the same boat” as you.  It’s a great way to be able to go out and see the whales in a private setting, but for only part of the cost, you may also meet some folks that you end up connecting with while watching the magnificent whales of Cape Cod.

Alternatively we are also doing many public trips for $150 per person 

Public whale watch
Check out this calendar to see who else is looking to team up. Just click on the blue tab for the dates you might want and you will see their contact info.  If you would like your dates to get posted on this calendar please post on the blog below or send us an email.

Post here the days you are thinking of and how many are in your party.  Also check in regularly to see who else has posted.

Shelly1992 Says

Commented On : 29 May 2017

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Alex Says

Commented On : 16 Aug 2016

I am only party of one looking to share a boat, will be in the area between 27 Sept thru 1 Oct, let me know alex at

Trudy Says

Commented On : 24 Jun 2016

Oops I mean Sunday July 24th!

Trudy Says

Commented On : 24 Jun 2016

I'm looking for 2-4 other people who'd like to share the trip with me and my husband (2) on Sunday July 25th. Thank you!! Email me at if you see this and are interested so I don't miss it!

Ann Sykes Says

Commented On : 17 Jul 2015

Hi Julies, I am just seeing this. Are you still interested? We are still going. We are leaving Richmond Va and headed to Cape on 2oth as well.

Striped Bass fishing in Cape Cod Bay One Comment

Posted On : 07 May 2012

The Striped Bass fishing scene out of Provincetown, Cape Cod has been excellent so far this spring with big ones being landed on all sorts of baits and lures from all different depths.  Check this blog to see how we are making out daily.  SeaSalt Charters is booking up, so call us early to book your trip!!!

admin Says

Commented On : 23 Jul 2012

we have not been posting much on our Bass blog, but there is plenty to discuss. Last week in Chatham we caught over 1000 pounds of commercial keepers in 2 days. Then the big ones stopped biting. Now up here in provincetown, it is loaded with recreational keeper sized bass. This is great news, becuase Cape Cod bay has been a little quiet of late. We had a charter this morning and we must have landed about 25 fish, its really really good right now!!

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